Progress Update #49

Masters Of Conquest Multiplayer Video Game

What coming this release? Here are some highlights on what’s in store for you for the new Masters of Conquest release. Thanks for being a loyal backer and follower of Masters of Conquest!

place wreck in log kill – done
reveal wreck in fall exit – done
dbl click fix – improved
toggle melee selection – done
melee attack on exit – done
create lootable container where click happened – done
build menu via key – done
test 8v8v8 global – done
fix radar dot on spawn on unit spawn – done
swoosh sound – done
master face target – done
remove marker on client side – done
hide bullet for client – done
sword hit sound – done
ranged attack mode icon bow – done
footsteps improvement – done
fixed miniplanet mesh asset – done
show quests button – done
fixed health orientation – done
quest button – done
item property weight api – done
drop item on ground does not have world item – done
item weight block – done
quantity_panel is under the bag – done
move container to ground – world item scriptable – done
toggle selection should no longer output to console – done
animator controller warning – done
capture enemy factories to win console – done
pay 1 gold to build factory – done
scroll text to right show on in selection mode only – done
list quests – done
disable pickup property for quest item – done
deduct factory cost client side – done
deduct factory cost server side – done
finalize sync client side buffered item post split – done