Vampire Unity Engine NPC Anchor Setup

Progress Update #2

Masters Of Conquest

Latest Improvements

  • Vertex Painter: Prefab Brush improvement, auxiliaries will now be properly aligned with the planet surface
  • Vertex Painter: Last used value will now save (radius, count, asset)
  • Vertex Painter: Cluster behaviour and location marker will now be added when prefab brush is used
  • Shrine: Prefab work, material consolidation, spawner points transform cleanup
  • Shrine: Reworked the way spawns happen, countdown instead of counting up
  • Admin Tools: Added Genesys and Fallen to Populate Pools command roster
  • Admin Tools: Scenario Runner functionality for Shrine Clusters (1 – Simulates Undetectable property test, 2 – Simulate rapid free for all, useful for future AI balancing)
  • AttackableStructure: New attackable type for shrines
  • AttackableObject: Undetectable property added, AI should not attacked shrines with this property on in some cases

Next Steps

  • AttackableStructure: AI does not always drop target when IsUndetectable is on, need to develop a way to toggle betweem states, suspecting issue happening when AI transions away from attack state
  • AttackableStucture: Vampires should not attack shrines when Shrine is undetectable
  • Revisit and possibly remove genAIList, falAIList, setAIList in Shrine.cs
  • Add overhead time_UntilNextSpan indicators to shrines

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