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Progress Update #3

Masters Of Conquest

Latest Improvements

  • TargetFinder: Fixed issue with targeting undetectable structures.
  • Shrine: Added circular progress bar, graphic and functionality.
  • Shrine: Added OnSpawnPointActivated delegate.
  • Shrine: Got rid of genAIList, setAIList and falAIList and transitioned to PlanetState Pool functions.
  • AI: Orbit/path command start.
  • AdminTools: Added AI OnSelected menu.
  • PlanetState: Integrated orbit marker.
  • PlanetState: Generate AIPath, circle.
  • PlanetState: Detect closest point on the path, chnage marker color.

Next Steps

  • AI: Errating targeting, AI does not stick to the target until out of range or the target is dead instead keeps switching to closest object.
  • AI: Develop path walk.
  • AI: Implement toggle for disabling targetting behaviour.
  • Investigate if AISpawnManager/RPC ActivateSpawnPoints can be combined (One activates unit, the other play portal effect)
  • AI: On marker collision reorient AI to face next marker in path and move forward

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