AI Path Debug Development UnityEditor Screen Capture

Progress Update #4

Masters Of Conquest

Latest Improvements

  • AIPath: Sets up markers, their colliders and relevant behaviours.
  • AIPath: NotifyAI when PathMarker and AI collide
  • PathMarker: Detects when the AI is on top and delegates action.
  • PathMarker: At collision event OnAIArrivedAtPathMarker
  • AI: Get Closest Marker.
  • AI: OnArrivedAtPathMarker
  • AdminTools: AI action ReorientSelf, face a random marker.
  • AdminTools: Added scenario to set up AI for orbit behaviour.
  • MasterState: Stores dictionary of AIPaths indexed with GameObject.

Next Steps

  • AI: Errating targeting, AI does not stick to the target until out of range or the target is dead instead keeps switching to closest object – Continue
  • AI: Develop path walk – Continue
  • Investigate if AISpawnManager/RPC ActivateSpawnPoints can be combined (One activates unit, the other play portal effect – Continue

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