Play Entertainment Development Team

Progress Update #7

Masters Of Conquest

Latest Improvements

  • AdminTools: Fixed issue with targeting on Macro Scenario.
  • PathManager: Reimplemented orbit path generation.
  • PathManager: Implemented functionality for generating explore paths.
  • Anchor: Implemented explore command.
  • Anchor: Implement find path command.
  • PathManager: Moved path creation to this instead of Anchor.
  • PathTools: Created basic editor interface for exploring active paths.
  • PathTools: Implemented selection functionality for markers and path owners.
  • AdminTools: Integrated Simulation Scenario 4 for curved space troubleshooting.
  • PathManager: Rehashed path marker generation to accommodate curved space.
  • AdminTools: Integrated Great Arc line/Anchor Trajectory to troubleshoot AI explore mode
  • DebugMode: Debug rays AI and PathMarker (ReorientSelf troubleshooting)

Next Steps

  • ReorientSelf: Explore mode does not reorient itself correctly for large distances.
  • AdminTools: Potential scenario scheme rehash to include dependency injection.
  • PathMarker: Point forward to next marker while keep up normal to the surface.

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