Path Marker AI Development UnityEditor Screen Capture

Progress Update #8

Masters Of Conquest

Latest Improvements

  • MainMenu: Implemented Login Override for faster troubleshooting.
  • TestManager: Implemented basic setup with capabilities to run simulation scenarios.
  • DebugTools: Acquired ability to turn off debug rays.
  • GameState: Added configuration for auto test scenario loading on Play mode.
  • AdminTools: Extended AI Control to include toggling freeze state and boost AI speed.
  • AdminTools: Extended AI Control to include path commands.
  • PathManager: Implemented abandon path behavior.
  • PathManager: Implemented random walk path generation
  • Anchor: Implemented debug rays setup..
  • Anchor: Improved trajectory marker.
  • Anchor: Perform various simulations to troubleshoot issue with the ReorientSelf algorithm.

Next Steps

  • Anchor: Reorient self bug/Lack of proper algorithm, still need to figure out a proper way to calculated Euler angle.
  • PathManager: Create PathMarker GameObject container.
  • PathManager: OnAbandonPath remove PathMarker GameObjects from the scene.
  • AdminTools: Potential scenario scheme rehash to include dependency injection.
  • PathMarker: Point forward to next marker while keep up normal to the surface.


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