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Fallen are humanoid undead. They include sorcerer, demon, zombie, vampire and other various evil type kinds. This is the only race to have immortal members though some of them only claim that they are. Their current main goal is to exterminate dragon creatures that Genesys faction looks after. In spite of their wicked ambitions, Fallen can become invulnerable and become weaker when dragons are present. They believe that once the last dragon is destroyed their true potential will be unleashed and they could finally take out the Settlers.




The hierarchy of the Fallen society is simple “Whoever wields more power is the boss”. For them, everything is expressed in terms of dark arts and most powerful sorcerers are at the top setting everything in motion. Their lives revolves around the drive to stay immortal. All though, they have figured out many ways to harvest life-force from the universe, they are also known to exploit the ways of the factions they oppose.

Whenever they can’t use magic they use machinations. They also profit from the war by selling weapons and gambling on battle outcomes.

All though they have a tight order based on manipulation, they disseminate chaos and anarchy.

Main Hero

She is an undead, no pupils but when mad her eyes are glowing. Has a vampiric appearance and could be considered a “noble” zombie. Sometimes she wields firearms not because she thinks that magic is ineffective. A shotgun just deals damage that’s more gratifying. It also conserves her magic powers for bigger things like teleporting. Her enemies call her Shotgun Sorceress and her posse calls her “Princess”. She has a poisonous aura she can extend, control and direct at her enemies. She is a master of necromantic arts and can animate previously dead things. Could be described as a futuristic witch.









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