Progress Update #1

Masters Of Conquest

Latest Improvements

  • Updated source code to Unity 5.5
  • Locator: Mini AI objects now have names (useful for cross-referencing with spawned NPCs)
  • Locator: Fixed ghost mini AI
  • Locator: Fixed SouthMark rotation
  • FPS display: Text color change
  • New Feature: AdminTools
  • AdminTools: Added OnSelect functionality detection for Shrine and FallenPool
  • AdminTools: Added Shrine Menu: RaiseShrineType, SpawnOne
  • AdminTools: Added FallenPool Menu: Repopulate Pool (useful for redoing the pool object after NPC gameobject is modified)
  • AdminTools: Scene Selector (shorcut for scene switching, game should always be started with MainScene, doing otherwise leads to ghosting behaviour when Locator is in special marker mode)
  • AdminTools: Kill all AI
  • AdminTools: AI movement toggle

Next Steps

  • AdminTools: Shrine Invincibility toggle (need feature to test whether AI prioritize attacking other AI over attacking shrines)
  • AdminTools: OnSelect functionality detection for Cluster objects (Spawn all shrines)