AI Development UnityEditor Screen Capture

Progress Update #12

Masters Of Conquest

Latest Improvements

  • SpiderBot: Finished HealthBar hookup.
  • Wyvern: Finished HealthBar hookup.
  • DebugTools: Reintegrated login override.
  • MasterClient: Should now disable HealthbarBehaviour.
  • ShrineTrigger: Fixed disconnect issue
    • The object of type ‘PlayerController’ has been destroyed but you are still trying to access it.
      Your script should either check if it is null or you should not destroy the object.
  • Player: Reworked attack stack.
  • AdminTools: Added repopulate command to Cluster interface.
  • Shrine: Improved HealthBars and health logic.
  • NetworkStructure: New implementation.
  • LaserBullet: Reworked OnTriggerEnter logic.
  • NetworkAnchor: Converted to NetworkAI and build everything around AI behavior, instead of the anchor.
  • CharacterTools: Implemented interface and basic functionality.
  • GameState: Added functionality for saving and loading character profiles locally. (ManaCost basic ability)

Next Steps

  • AI: Death Sequence
  • AI: Follow Behavior
  • Bug with SpiderBot and Wyvern prefab instantiation.
  • SpiderBot: Outline with has to be lower than that of Vampire and Wyvern. Why?
  • SpiderBot: Outline does not turn off when aim is no longer locked by the player.
  • PathMarker: Point forward to next marker while keep up normal to the surface.

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