Combat Session Development Unity Engine Screen Capture

Progress Update #21

Masters Of Conquest

Latest Improvements

  • CombatManager: Implemented behavior for tracking combat sessions
  • Anchor: Fixed issue with AI position
  • TestManager: Added Deactivate anchor test (Scenario 3)
  • AdminTools: Added Toggle – “Deactivate Anchor” commands
  • TargetFinder: Implemented OnMove delegate reset
  • LevelTools: Refactored center marker cluster logic
  • AdminTools: Adjusted Cluster Altitude float marker logic
  • TestManager: Implemented IssueCommand_MoveToClusterCenter
  • Shrine/AI: Integrated OnDeath Spawn new anchor
  • CombatSession: Added SetAnchorPath method to MoveToClusterCenter

Next Steps

  • CombatSession: Scenario 2/Missing Defender/Continual attack flow issues
  • AI: TakeDamage RPC
  • AI: Attack mode networking
  • AI: Bug with killing AIs that were spawned with player in game.
  • Shrine: Attackable Structure/Bullet dynamic
  • Shrine: Spawn NPCs facing away from the shrine
  • AI: OnDeactivate hide Health bar
  • AI: Master client do not show health bars
  • AI: Master client do not show activate spawn points
  • SpiderBot: Outline with has to be lower than that of Vampire and Wyvern. Why?
  • SpiderBot: Outline does not turn off when aim is no longer locked by the player.
  • PathMarker: Point forward to next marker while keep up normal to the surface.
  • Attack: RayCast implementation?

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