Progress Update #38

Masters Of Conquest Multiplayer Game

What coming this release? Here are some highlights on what’s in store for you for the new Masters of Conquest release. Thanks for being a loyal backer and follower of Masters of Conquest!

Release Improvements (Version 0.3.8)

  1. Bug Fixes
    1. Fix current date Date Current, last login at, plus match started at
    2. ScoreCard UI issue
    3. Update to 3.0b9
    4. Fix fallen scene | Mordem world locator does not show NPCs
    5. send_op_code_to_app issue
  2. Server Client Updates
    1. Push notification when admin online
    2. App id for client
    3. Match id for client
    4. Update required
    5. Player sessions
    6. Game session endpoint | notify only when in game | app_id
  3. Design Improvements
    1. Replace faction logos
    2. Make score UI draggable
  4. Gameplay Improvements
    1. Locator friendly player
  5. Item System
    1. no custom location placement (just fling outside the bag) / Tony – done
    2. open bag should be draggable / Tony – done
    3. drag item back no double click / Tony – done
    4. refactor ItemSpawnManager (singleton, load items dynamically from resources) – done / Tony
    5. World item RPC flow / Konstantin – done
    6. World Item Create Web / Konstantin – done
    7. world item endpoint – done
  6. Websites
    1. Planet assets in triangle
    2. Add Matt Dalton to credits
  7.  Marketing
    1. Facebook App fix (should not show Entrepreneur Meetup on posts)

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