Progress Update #40

Masters Of Conquest Multiplayer Game

What coming this release? Here are some highlights on what’s in store for you for the new Masters of Conquest release. Thanks for being a loyal backer and follower of Masters of Conquest!

Release Improvements (Version 0.4.0)

  1. Bug Fixes
    1. Update unity to 3.0b10
  2. Server Updates
    1. Socket player sessions
  3. UI
    1. New crosshair
  4. Shrines
    1. Spawn unit view button
    2. Spawn speed boost (Faster unit spawn bonus)
    3. Spawn progress bar client/server
  5. AI
    1. Spawn new after death
    2. Death animation doubling bug fix
    3. NPC Panel select target to attack drop down
    4. Scenario 2 setup (AI Troubleshoot flow)
    5. Idle delegate
    6. Approach NPC command
    7. Rest NPC command
  6. Inventory System
    1. Exchange UI/Logic
    2. Give World Item flow
    3. Bag position caching
    4. Coins
    5. Vendor flow

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