Progress Update #50

Masters Of Conquest Multiplayer Video Game

What coming this release? Here are some highlights on what’s in store for you for the new Masters of Conquest release. Thanks for being a loyal backer and follower of Masters of Conquest!

finalize sync client side buffered item post merge – done
logo change – done
import skybox from dan – done
factory build deduct 1 + 4 did not update with api – done
finish_sync for full stack post move from ground to container – done
factory build issue for items pickup up from ground client side – done
give item to player does not create world item client side – done
finish game issue victory mouse lock – done
new match state resets – done
fallen hero fixup strike – done
fallen hero fixup footsteps – done
fallen attack animation – done
settler hero fixup strike – done
settler hero fixup footsteps – done
settler attack animation – done
lootable container fill issue worldItem panel items issue – done
fallen_mob fall sound – done
settler_mob fall sound – done
genesys_mob fall sound – done
lootable full stack drag lootable to backpack redrag master buffer update issue – done
issue with 8v8v8 global npc indexing – done
bot structure – done
genesys sword sound – done

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